UK - As the famous football game from EA company, FIFA series football game has already attracted each football fans¡¯ eyesight and attention. Recently, with the consummate ending of the Brazil World Cup, most of football fans begin to reverberate the exciting feeling by playing this high quality game. Compared to the former generation FIFA 13, the newly FIFA 14 has many greatly improvement and development. Today, the famous fifa coins online seller will give people detailed description about the advantageously features of this newly football game.

First, the first unique feature is that the movement of the football player in the game is more flexible and realistic. In other series of FIFA game, players were able to almost instantaneously change direction and speed without decrease their running speed. However, in this new game, this point has been changed into very actually situation. The speed of the player will be decreased if they want to change direction. This feature should be in line with the real situation on the football playing ground.

The secondly feature is that the shooting of these players become more intelligent. Each player could finish their shooting by adjusting the angle of the pace and the ball to find the best position for ball shooting. This point is another breakthrough of this game. However, the playing with the computer will become more difficult.

Like we said before, the player become the more intelligent should be another remarkable feature of FIFA 14. The improvement of the electrical intelligence is not just the ability to offensive but also for the defensive side. The defensive actions such as tacking moves, applying pressure and find suitable stations are all greatly improved . It is worth mentioning that EA has been trying a new feature which name is the defensive pressure, players can exert pressure to offensive player to regain a favorable position on the playing ground. This feature let this game become very actually than before.

Fourth, the physical trajectory of the ball flowing and passing will be more realistic. That is to say each game player can accomplish more delicate or more distant ball passing in the process of game playing. That is why most people choose to play this football game and abandon their former played game.

Fifthly, the editor from famous fifa 14 coins online seller said that the defender teammate interception region in this game will have very great expanding. This changing lets the opponent¡¯s defense become more closely and difficult. If game player do not have very excellent playing operation and team work mind, they could not easily get score in this game.

All above features let this FIFA 14 become more realistic and exciting than before. However, if people want to really experience the charming of this game, they should purchase the enough FIFA 14 coins which could help them establish the most powerful team in this game.


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