Have you ever thought that you will be able to fly while being seated in your living room? All you have to do is to own a flight simulator Cockpit. Flying from the comfort of a flight cockpit chair is accessible, rewarding, great fun and can substantially improve your understanding of real-world aviation. The processing power of today’s technology means that virtual flying is now both extremely realistic and also affordable.


With a flight simulator Cockpit you can fly almost anything that can be (or has been) flown in real-world aviation. One of the most appealing aspects of flight simulation is that there are absolutely no limits on what you can fly or where you can fly it. You can hop a memorable hundred yards in the Wright Flyer, flash across the Atlantic in Concorde, or perhaps you’d prefer a sortie in a classic Spitfire or a mission in a modern RAF Hercules or Falcon. You can test your skills in an aerobatic competition, captain a modern airliner, or even manage and fly for your own air freight company. With a flight simulator Cockpit it is possible to fly civil and military planes from every era of aviation - helicopters, jets, micro-lights, gliders and propeller-driven aircraft; it all depends on your imagination.


While being all comfortable in a flight cockpit chair, the entire world is available for you to fly in, from Antarctica to Zanzibar and all points in between. It’s up to you whether you take off from your local grass airstrip or the busiest international airports around the world. Practicing a touch-and-go in a Cessna is as accessible as shooting an ILS approach in a Jumbo Jet. You can fly the exact same airline routes that exist in the real world, or create your own flight plans and visit countries and places you’d never normally have the opportunity to visit.


Getting airborne requires some nice equipment (hardware) to make the experience as real as possible. The ultimate flight simulator Cockpit will need to have a few specifics which will turn it into the real deal. The flight cockpit chair should be a state of the art racing seat, basically the same as the one used by professional racers. Now, the flight cockpit chair needs to slide back and forth, like in a real car, and it should be angle and height adjustable. This way you will be able to find the perfect position without being uncomfortable.


Make sure that the flight simulator Cockpit you wish to purchase has the option of mounting a throttle and joystick, mounting a yoke to it for general aviation, and should allow you to use a single or triple monitor. A real-world pilot can now practice a flight he’s planning to make in the real world using accurate representations of departure and destination airports in a simulator, flying over scenery that is developed from actual photographs of what’s on the ground, navigating with navigation aids in their real-world positions, and flying in the real-time weather conditions applicable to the flight route.

If you’re passionate about flying but you’ve never been able to follow the “I want to be a pilot” dream, then a flight simulator Cockpit is exactly what you need. With adjustable elements and amazing comfort offered by the flight cockpit chair you will feel like you are flying an airplane for real. You might just lose yourself in the sky.