04, July 2015: FlipBuilder, a Hong Kong-based digital publishing company with worldwide reputation, has recently announced the debut of Flip PDF Pro 2.3.5, a powerful, feature-rich page flip eBook maker.

Ever since eBooks arrived on the scene, authors worldwide have been seeking ways to increase visual impression and attract more customers towards them. There are already a couple of software programs that allow authors to edit, combine and experiment with PDF files, but none of them provides the astonishing range of features of Flip PDF Pro. This flipbook software allows users to create inspiring page-turning eBooks to display on desktop computers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

According to FlipBuilder CEO Winston Zhang, “If you look at today’s eBooks, you will quickly realize that, while content differs, structure and presentation remain the same. Page scrolling has been around for years, and while desktop computers and laptops may make it relatively easy to browse through your eBook, the same process would be quite time-extensive and frustrating on touch screen devices. With Flip PDF Pro, authors can create and animate their flip page eBooks, providing a unique solution that appeals to any technology user.”

Among the many features of Flip PDF Pro are the freedom to customize tool bar with company logo or website icon, multilingual interface support, social network integration, Google Analytics integration, freedom to apply pre-designed templates and animated scenes, add news-rotator, news ticket, music player, YouTube banner and photo slider plugin, set background color or image, set text font, color and size, and the flexibility of output formats including HTML, EXE, ZIP and Mac App.

“The interface of Flip PDF Pro is very easy to use and navigate, so even the least tech-savvy users can create impressive eBooks with a few clicks only,” states Zhang. “This is not only an excellent way to deliver the right information in the right way, but a great opportunity to make your eBooks stand out from the crowd and attract more readers.”

More information about Flip PDF Pro is available at www.flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf-pro.

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