02, July 2015: FlipBuilder is a Hong Kong based HTML5 development company that produces responsive web applications and aimed at businesses, artists, and educators. The company has recently introduced new features to its popular page turning software lineup for businesses that sell multiple eBooks or provide large document downloads currently. Until most recently, businesses have uploaded PDF documents such as reports and manuals onto websites for customers to download onto their own machines and read. With the new online features of FlipBuilder, document download is no longer necessary.

“We wanted to give businesses more options than they have currently to communicate with their customers and create sales,” says FlipBuilder spokesman Sam Huang. “Many businesses ask their customers to download a PDF file which isn’t always the best option for tablet and smart phone enthusiasts. With our new WordPress plugins and other hosting features, businesses can now produce page turning PDF that is more than just a plain PDF document, but a real interactive media experience.”

Page turning software can create HTML5 eBooks from PDF files directly. The HTML5 ebook can be uploaded onto a website through a FTP tool, creating a unique URL for each eBook. This allows for companies, education providers, book authors, or individuals to share their new page turning PDF to anyone just by sending them a URL. Using plugins, websites can embed the eBooks on their website so that visitors can also enjoy the beautiful page turning animation freely. This type of software used to be extremely expensive and used exclusively by higher end stores and publishers. Using products like Flip PDF Professional, small to midsized businesses and self-publishing authors can have the same level of quality and user experience on their websites.

For more information on FlipBuilder and their product line, visit the website at: http://www.flipbuilder.com/free-page-flip-software.html.

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