15, July 2015: The newly released updated ezine publishing platform for Mac users, FlipBuilder Mac magazine maker, has taken the digital publishing standards to an entire new level. This platform enables both beginners and professionals to produce their vivid imaginations in the form of beautiful e-magazines.

With concepts like globalization and the improvement of technology, more and more companies have started to target the international population as their target market. A market, which was once reserved to the well-established businesses, is now open even to start-ups and small businesses located in every nook and corner of the earth. The main barrier that keeps the latter from growing exponentially is the lack of financial background to support lucrative marketing methods. However, with the release of the Mac magazine maker, there will not be such barriers in the future. This ultra user friendly platform can be utilized by novices to the publishing arena as well as professional designers and publishers of multinational company’s to attract attention to their ventures by producing impressive digital magazines.

The Mac magazine maker allows beginners to create a high quality alluring e-magazine in just three steps. To make the process easier these steps have been illustrated in detail in the official website. As these beginners gain knowledge by working on the platform, advanced options are lined up for them to create magazines with a better appearance and quality. Meanwhile the experienced professional designers and publishers can try out the powerful page editing and customizing features when creating content-rich e-books.

Upon the release of this updated FlipBuilder Mac magazine maker, the company’s CEO Winston Zhang stated, “Our sole intention was to create a platform for Mac publishers where professionals as well as beginners can show off their unique talents and market their products in a grand scale. FlipBuilder is flexible enough to meet different kinds of requirements and provide opportunities to create the best digital magazines in minutes.”

Visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/ for more details.

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