04, March 2015: For creators of magazines and catalogs that are new or relatively small, it can be difficult to create a professional presentation that is easily accessed by consumers without running into cost issues that conflict with the budget available. FlipHTML5 provides its flipbook creator with all of the necessary features to produce a quality digital publication and share that content with consumers. 

For many publications, the hardest part can be finding an effective and creative way to get started. When creators are working hard to produce the best content for consumers, it is discouraging to be limited in the way that content is published. For creators on small budgets it can seem that the only solution is to create .pdf content from scratch and host that content in whatever way fits in the budget. FlipHTML5 solves these issues and allows for even more creative content in the production of magazines, catalogs and other publications. 

Flipbook creator by FlipHTML5 provides the user to use its platform to create a professional online flipbook with a unique design and a visual appeal and readability that simple .pdf content does not provide. This platform is great for new publishers because it is free! There is no cost to create a completely one of a kind publication for consumers to enjoy. With the option to customize as much or as little as needed, it is the perfect option for publications on any schedule as well. 

Once content is created there is still the issue of how to provide that content to readers. FlipHTML5 has the solution to this problem as well. Once a publication is complete, FlipHTML5 provides hosting for content that is created so that publishers do not have to create their own website to host the creative publication that has been produced. The hosting site is customizable just like the publication itself and is capable of providing a great experience for any content created. 

FlipHTML5 provides so much that new and small publications are able to focus more of their time and resources on the content rather than the process of creating visuals and finding a way to host the content created. 

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