The plant-based Nutraceutical developed in the Georgian State of the former Eastern Europe ensures the improved health and well-being of people.

(July, 2015): A section of BAO Health resources is the manufacturer and distributor of Folium pX. Following the Chernobyl disaster, it has come into being in the Georgian state of Eastern Europe. Folium pX is an all-natural preparation derived from OPC-rich pine and grape seed extract. It was developed by master herbal scientists in a region of the former Soviet Union known for its excellence in plant-based supplements. Our proprietary formula combines plants, herbs, and flowers that contain powerful super-antioxidants.

As there is an increased number of ailments present in today’s world thanks to polluted air, contaminated water and free toxic elements which are constantly getting added to the environment from Tsunami hit nuclear power plants or defunct nuclear power plants, a higher need to safeguard the body from possible virus attacks is needed. The human body must have an efficient, low-cost, naturaal means to cleanse the body of free radicals, toxic heavy metals and nuclear radiation.

Folium pX brings home readymade solution to people who work in airline industries, hospitals and industrial factories as the risk of being exposed to toxic free radicals is highest in these cases. For people with possible toxin exposure from tsunamis, nuclear leaks, steel industry or earthquakes too Folium pX is a solution. Other people who live in highly radiated areas like highways, airports or factories should also regularly take Folium pX to avoid the possible dangers of radiation. Others with an increased sense of well-being can improve their over health with regular dosages of Folium pX.

What’s more, Folium pX, commemorating its Anniversary sale, will sell the product at a 33% discount.
The recommended dosage of Folium pX is three 450 mg capsules 3 times per day for alternating 30 day periods. The maximum benefit can be achieved through alternating every other month for six months of supplementation over a 12-month period.

Following completion of this initial period, the individual can then use the supplement two to three months out of each year, doing so over the course of a three month period, alternating one month on and one month off.

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