04, August 2015: Recently, there is a piece of news online that a delivery boy sends out food to clients in his Bentley. Although it looks like advertising, it is a sort of creative promotion as well. However, Bentley is too expensive and harmful to the environment. To make this promotional manner more cost effective, the delivery boy can ride an Airwheel electric scooter instead. There are three reasons why this is a completely worthwhile deal.


Firstly, the Airwheel intelligent scooter can be used as a billboard. Shop owners or restaurant owners can put up their own logo on the scooter and ride it on the road for delivery services. Fashionable and dashing, the scooter will definitely attract the attention of the passers-by. When they cast a glance on the scooter, they will easily notice the logo. On that account, it is regarded as a more effective promotional manner than TV commercials.

Secondly, delivery boys can enjoy a smooth ride with the self-balancing scooter. Sometimes, when they are handling soup or other juicy food, chances are they will spill the food. Now, riding the Airwheel electric scooter, users don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. With the built-in intelligent chip that adopts the most advanced system, the scooter achieves self-balancing in the principle of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system, which fully ensures that every ride is smooth and safe.


Last but not least, riding such a self-balancing scooter adds fun to the delivery work. Without doubt, nothing is more enjoyable than having a ride with an intelligent and eco-friendly transport. In order to meet different requirements and preferences of consumers, Airwheel has launched various models with different riding modes. Consumers are free to choose whatever model they feel comfortable with.

All in all, Airwheel is devoted to providing premium riding experience for users. It is always said that pearls are everywhere but not the eyes. Excellent as Airwheel electric scooter is, it is awaiting the right users as well.

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