24, June 2016: FoodieFriends has launched a new social network that enables members to join for free and make new friends both online, and at local group events. Offering an all-in-one community network for foodies, and food lovers, the site combines the best of Facebook, Match, and Meetup; and it’s free to join. This unique platform also provides the perfect alternative to dating. Rather than meeting potential partners one-to-one and face to face, members can meet online in groups and at local events where they can get to know like-minded groups and make new friends, without any pressures before taking the next step. The goal is to bring people together with similar interests at social events. If they’re looking for potential partners, they can first meet in groups in relaxed settings.

The site is themed around the idea to meet new people at food and drink related events. Meetings often occur at restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars. FoodieFriends is perfect for singles and couples, and anyone who has moved to a new area; works alone or has recently changed jobs. It is focused on building lasting friendships, which can improve happiness, well-being, self-confidence, and reduce stress.

Making friends and maintaining existing friendships can be challenging in adulthood. People have many different commitments, and lifestyles and interests change. The option to join local groups enables them to meet new friends who have similar interests and goals and try new ones.

Focused on Friendships and Usability

FoodieFriends.co.uk is easy to use and offers a social hub for Foodies looking to meet new people and make new friends within their local community. Users can browse members or search for singles, couples, age groups, orientations or interest groups etc. The option to add friends and follow them is also there, and once friends, members can interact anyway they wish via wall, inbox, instant messenger and even group chat. Members can even choose to look for the newest, active, and most popular members, groups and events in their local area.

Members can search groups to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in their local community. Events allow members to see what’s on soon in the places they love the most or new places they may want to try, Events can be searched by type or location and on events pages, members can discuss the event in the updates tab and ask questions before attending.

At Last, a Social Recipe Website

A unique feature, at least among social sites, is a recipe section. Members can find recipes for delicacies such as oriental duck salad or French onion soup, or chickpea, spinach, and tomato curry. Recipes can also be chosen from a drop-down list, and include bread, cake, chicken, fish, pork, soup, and even vegetarian, vegan recipes and much more. In addition, the latest Foodie news and tips are available, from Summer Entertaining to The New Way To Date, all the essential topics are covered every week.

FoodieFriends.co.uk brings like-minded people together both online and offline at local groups at events. Join free today at FoodieFriends.co.uk to discover the new way to socialise.