The key for most successes is not what they are today; it’s what they will be tomorrow. Adhering to a user-oriented enterprise philosophy, Airwheel has been working hard to be consumers’ best friends and offer good products to consumers. For Airwheel, the growth means innovation and bold exploitation on its new electric scooters, such as its recently ellewiith published Airwheel S5 and A3, which offer people more comfortable and convenient transport experience.

Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the recently introduced refined model of Airwheel S3 and S3T. Compared with previous S series models, Airwheel S5 adopts the all new advanced alloy control shaft which is fordable and durable yet lighter and polished at the same time. The abandon of the LED lights of S3 on the control shaft shows that Airwheel exploited to make some bold changes on the successful design ideas in S3. Also for conveniently carrying S5 up and down, Airwheel developed a considerate design in of the handles on both sides of the main board; here innovation offers convenience to riders again. Bigger electricity capacity and bigger wheels are all the proof of Airwheel’s micro innovation in better user experience.

Airwheel A3 electric scooters are sitting-posture scooters, and it definitely deserves the name of the benchmark in the history of electric scooters. The innovative design of a seat on the electric scooter is thought to start the new era of sitting-posture ridding on electric scooters. The hydraulic suspension system, which is also adopted by professional scrambling motorbikes, under the genuine V-shaped leather seat is Airwheel’s exploitation to integrating cross-field vehicle units in its electric scooters. The electronic brake system and smart phone APP demonstrate Airwheel’s aim of building a consolidated intelligent platform to offer consumers with more convenient and intelligent experiences.

This is Airwheel who has found its own growth path on the way of providing the best products and services to consumers, which is also the reason why Airwheel has become the industry leader. For more details of Airwheel products, please visit

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