Tivoli Bakery is the one place to go to for all that concerns food service equipment and especially Planetary mixers, as it has the largest variety of top quality products in that range, all at incredibly affordable prices. Aiming at becoming the number one supplier for the bakery sector, the Tivoli company maintains top class personal service and dedication to its customers, reassuring them that they can count on Tivoli, as part of their team.

 The company delivers a very large variety of products and equipment, but puts a special focus on professional mixers, including famous brands like Hobart, Bear Varimixer, Ramalhos and others, which are suitable for a number of uses and areas, from plant bakeries and catering to commercial kitchens and food service operations. If you want both quality and affordability from your mixing equipment, then Tivoli is your best answer! Tivoli Bakery not only markets high quality products, but also offers cost effective solutions to anyone in the food service industry, including the replacement of Hobart mixers accessories, such as whisks, bowls, J hooks and beaters, Hobart mixers attachments, which can be delivered to you the very next day, Hobart spare parts, lift and tip units for Hobart bowls and so on. Furthermore, Tivoli Bakery provides lift and tip units for removable spiral mixer bowls, including Kemper, Escher or Diosna, Planetary mixers, spiral mixers, deck ovens, bread slicers, Churro Makers, baking tray cleaners, a dry cleaning structure that uses brushes, having the ability to clean as much as 12 trays per minute and the option of a tray oiling system, bakery crate washers, which are eco friendly and reduce water usage to a minimum.

As you can see, the company caters to all needs and necessities of any business in the bakery sector, offering cutting edge products and reliable solutions at affordable prices. The Planetary mixers from Tivoli Bakery are top quality equipment items, designed for industrial use in food service operations, catering butchers or industrial bakeries. Regardless of the model or brand you choose for your Planetary mixers, Tivoli guarantees reliable products, with high efficiency, long term durability and extensive usage. They are very simple to use and clean and, with the right attachment, you can use them for blending, mixing, stirring or whisking, obtaining consistent results every time, regardless of content and mixture.