Hicksville, NY, August 15, 2013: The world’s most reliable third party logistics company and a global leader, LeanCor now assures their partners of services that are measurable and which give them an opportunity to help assess the trustworthiness of the company. The company is said to employ standardized processes and the latest technologies that help them accomplish their tasks with a greater degree of professionalism and efficiency. In a company release, they reveal their endeavor to conceptualize and develop logistics solutions that are incomparable in the industry and will establish them as the industry leader in the near future. 

LeanCor believes that the global supply-chain industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and it has been evolving very fast in the recent times, with new opportunities and new challenges as well. With the flourishing e-commerce industry, the product delivery mechanism has been getting a major boost, bringing a host of modern technologies and tools to make the supply-chain more dynamic and less cumbersome. Understanding the modern needs of the supply chain industry and to provide businesses with the most efficient logistics solutions, LeanCor now relies on its qualified professionals and the advanced technological tools that help measure the results in a real-time environment. 

The CEO of the company, Robert Martichenko reveals, “LeanCor believes in offering supply chain performance to the partners that are measurable. This shows our commitment to continuously improve our services by incorporating modern tools and technologies to help optimize our performance and meet all challenges and goals of the modern time’s supply chain.” He maintains that LeanCor is a committed logistics company and the new standardize processes will help them to foster new business relationships with the global organizations. 

Citing a long and successful track-record of supply and distribution services, the CEO underlines the importance of integration of modern technological tools for being a successful player in the industry. According to him, most of the logistics companies thriving in the industry are technologically competent and resourceful, and LeanCor is always at the forefront when it comes to incorporating technological solutions for serving the industry with a greater efficiency and professionalism. With their improved efficiency, the company is confident of attracting new partners to their network. All businesses involved in the supply chain can learn more about the LeanCor services by visiting their website www.leancor.com

About LeanCor 

Founded in 2005, LeanCor is a leading supply chain company offering measurable results to its global partners. The company believes in continuous operational improvement and employs the latest technologies and tools to deliver measurable financial results. They boast of their qualified supply-chain professionals and provide them with training and education to help them perform in the most efficient and professional manner. 

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