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With a team of researchers initially financed by the promoters of Damngoodpennypicks.com and subsequently to be financed by the subscribers themselves, the management of Damngoodpennypicks.com have resolved to not accept funds or financing in any form whatsoever from promoters or corporates hoping to sell or promote their Penny stocks.

Using their years of experience in trading stocks, the management and research team at Damngoodpennypicks.com are confident they can pick out the gems from amongst the duds and also weed out the falsely propped up shares.

Why Penny Stocks?

Hot Penny stocks appreciate faster because they start from scratch and have lots of room to grow. Major stocks on the other hand, have already reached their potential and at best, will grow in single digits. In contrast, a penny stock starting at say $0.05 can reach $.25 in no time at all. That‘s over 500% grown! There are simply no major corporate out there who have demonstrated similar growth in recent history.

Good penny stocks are like the small wheel in a stock exchange gear. When the company receives a major order it can trigger a massive stock rise. A similar order received by a large company may not even register a tick at the stock exchange. So while the bigger wheels hardly move, the smaller the wheel, the faster it spins and more the money it makes for the investor.

Damngoodpennypicks.com ‘ Guarantee of Awesome Penny Stocks

Every penny stock however, is not necessarily a good penny stock. Obviously, there are lots of companies that are formed with the hope of doing well. Few actually succeed. The research team at Damngoodpennypicks.com carefully studies each and every potential company and plots the probability of success. Only companies with a high potential of success get picked. The process cannot be hurried along and it takes months and often longer before we can confidently short- List of Penny Stocks.

Part of the research team at Damngoodpennypicks.com also heads for the market or to locations where they can physically verify company details or other information. This is no arm-chair job.

Damngoodpennypicks.com invites the investing public to subscribe to the Damngoodpennypicks.com Top Penny Stocks. As an inaugural offer, the email subscription will be provided FREE of charge but only till June 15, 2012. Thereafter subscribers wishing to continue receiving details on awesome penny stocks will be charged a small fee of $49.95 per month.

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