DML Associates LLC owner Dennis M. Lormel recently saw his editorial, “ It’s Time to Pull Criminals Out of Their Shell (Companies) ”, published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Following on the heels of this publication is a webinar called What Every AML Compliance Officer Needs to Know about Today’s Transnational Criminal Organizations , which takes place September 5, 2013 (more details on exact time and date, as well as coupon code below).

Finding criminals can be a challenge.  Finding what they do with their money is even more challenging.  Dennis Lormel has dedicated his professional career to both, with a specific emphasis on following the money.

Mr. Lormel works full-time, on a personal consultative basis with all customers.  His years of training in government service with the FBI make him an expert in the fields of investigations, finance, and financial intelligence.

“The financial crisis we are experiencing has many on edge and worried about their money and investments.  DML Associates LLC works with you to make sure that criminal activity is not a part of your everyday business,” said Mr. Lormel.

Lormel’s webinar entitled, What Every AML Compliance Officer Needs to Know about Today’s Transnational Criminal Organizations, will be held for anyone interested in learning about TCO’s.

“Today’s international business is a hotbed of criminal activities from drugs to human trafficking.  One of the best ways to deal with these groups is monitoring finances.  As the TCO’s and terrorist organizations join forces, we have to ask what will this mean for the future of financial institutions?” said Mr. Lormel.

This intriguing and educational one hour webinar will be hosted by Mr. Lormel and moderated by Saskia Rietbroek.  In the webinar, you will learn:

- What are the most dangerous TCOs of today (and which ones are more likely to interact with terrorist groups?)
- How TCOs use financial institutions to launder money and red flags you can watch out for;
- Lessons from the Lebanese-Canadian Bank case showcasing an example of a highly sophisticated money laundering method blending cash smuggling, terrorist financing and international trade.

The webinar currently lists for $99.00, but you can receive a 15% discount with the following coupon code: LORM56

The date for the webinar is September 5th at 12:00 -1:00p.m. EST.

“We look forward to having you there,” said Mr. Lormel.

More information about the webinar is available here:

About DML Associates LLC

Mr. Lormel retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in December 2003, following over 30 years of government service, almost 28 years as a Special Agent in the FBI. During his distinguished career, Mr. Lormel amassed extensive major case experience as a street agent, supervisor and senior executive, particularly in complex, document and labor intensive financial related investigative matters. In December 2000, Mr. Lormel was promoted to Chief of the FBI’s Financial Crimes Program. Mr. Lormel received numerous commendations and awards to include the Department of Justice, Criminal Division’s Award for Investigative Initiative and the Central Intelligence Agency’s George H. W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism.Over the last six years Mr. Lormel has provided risk advisory consulting services. He is the founder and President of DML Associates, LLC, a full service investigative consultancy.

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