22 July, 2014: A former banker from Germany who holds high ticket seminars on binary trading is practically giving away his unique binary robot that automates trading.

Know as Norbert Ex-German Banker, the highly paid consultant is offering traders free access to the software for one month – on condition that once they make money, they donate a portion to a charity of their choice.

Norbert created the German Binary Robot trading software as a way to profit from binary options, algorithmic trading, high frequency trading and stock options.

George, an experienced trader from the UK who attended one of Norbert’s seminars, points out that the German binary system for trading is very effective, but is not easy to fully grasp without months or years of study and experience.

Being fully automated, it could be argued that beginners with no experience in trading could use the German Binary Robot to earn extra money.

Norbert, whose seminar tickets sell for several thousands of Euros, believes in giving back. He wants to encourage regular people to take advantage of technology to not only improve their financial status, but to be able to make a difference through donation to charities.

The option to use the trading software for one month free of charge is available now to international traders from the web page: http://www.germanbinarysystem.com