Shenzhen, China; 29, August 2015: There are many industries where weight measurement and control are important parameters for maintaining the efficiency of the production management and process control. Now, industries can achieve a precise weight measurement with the weight measurement system introduced by Forsentek Company. The China based company specializes in developing weighing systems and the new systems feature the latest technology and precise engineering for an improved performance.

The spokesperson reveals that their weighing solution consists of high quality load cells, junction box and weighing controller that makes it a robust weight measuring system for the modern industries. According to him, they take extra care in choosing suitable load cells for their systems, which depends upon several factors, including accuracy, capacity, ingress protection and the mounting requirement. Besides, they focus on the proper calibration of their weighing solutions for its proper functioning.

Forsentek has a significant tank weighing system range, equipped with different types of load cells. One can choose from stainless steel or Hopper weighing load cells of varying capacities. According to the spokesperson, they can supply weighing solutions with load cells of a few hundred kgs to several ton capacities. He maintains that industrial clients can rest assured of finding a weighing system equipped with a load cell of desired capacity. The company believes in supplying weighing solutions that can precisely meet their customer requirements.

The new weighing solutions introduced by Forsentek are easy to operate and calibrate. After proper calibration, its weighing controller correctly displays the weight value for a smooth functioning of the production process of an industry. The systems have been designed and engineered to be used in the process control areas to help improve the overall performance of the process. The company has started producing their improved quality weighing solutions and can ship them to their industrial clients all across the world. To learn more about their weighing solutions and the components used to develop them, one may visit their website

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Located in China, Forsentek Co., Limited has provided load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions to more than 30 countries all over the world. With experienced engineers in load cell and force sensor application areas, Forsentek knows exactly what clients need for improving their production and performance. Being an expert in strain gauge based load cell manufacturing technology and custom-made service, they provide the most suitable products to meet client applications perfectly.

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