16, December 2014: Families planning a last-minute winter getaway this December need to not only obtain family travel insurance but also to spend careful time reviewing the fine print, say experts.

A report by Rosie Murray-West of the Guardian highlights the high number of unscrupulous travel insurance providers denying what should be a rightful claim. Out of the 40 or so complaints the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) receives each week, about 10 of these are related to winter sports and winter activities. Industry experts urge consumers to stick with reputable providers, like the well-known InsureMore, in order to ensure they don’t fall prey to incidents like this.

Fine Print on Family Travel Insurance

A spokesman for the FOS claims that nearly half of these complaints are upheld in favour of the complainant — in this case, the traveller. The same spokesman, however, stresses the importance of understanding the fine print. The spokesman explains that while the insurance providers are expected to honour the essence of the contract, it still falls upon the travellers to obtain family travel insurance that will cover them for all their planned activities.

Dabbling in Winter Sports

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has seen a trend where more and more travellers — especially those in the 16 to 24 age bracket — engage in winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Around 10% of respondents said they would try winter sports in 2012, and that number has risen to 18% in 2014.

Many winter sports and activities involve a heightened element of risk, which means travellers need to expand their coverage in order to stay protected if they plan to engage in these activities.

Kevin Pratt of MoneySupermarket recommends that travellers look for policies that cover the exact activities they have planned out. Those wishing to spontaneously try out an activity on-site need to contact their insurance provider to either clarify the extent of coverage or to extend the policy in order to stay covered.

Murray-West also recommends that travellers follow resort rules, check for off-piste coverage, secure an EHIC card, seek coverage for expensive sporting gear and identify the altitude restrictions on family travel insurance.

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