Innovation is great momentum for companies to update products and stand out in the ever-increasingly competitive market. Fosjoas Technology Co., Ltd is committed to making breakthroughs in products and services to increase the market share. Its newly produced self-balancing sitting posture electric scooter K3 is an integration of technical innovation in appearance and function.

Innovation refers to the process of interpreting an idea or invention into the product or service that creates value for customers in order to further satisfy their needs or expectations. Only those who think different and put the new idea into practice can truly make great nnanitlmes contributions to the society. Fosjoas self-balancing electric scooter K3 symbolizes the brand new era in the sector. Its global debut attracts much attention of the customers and heralds a bright prospect in the sector.

Fosjoas sitting-posture electric scooter K3 subverts the traditional standing-posture design and wipes out some people’s concerns that long-time standing is likely to make people feel fatigued. Fosjoas electric scooter is applied with original hydraulic suspension after one million times of trial tests. The suspension part connects the leather cushion and the main body. Thanks to this ergonomic design, it is beneficial to shock absorption on bumpy roads and speed control when going downhill to protect riders and make the riding experience more comfortable.

Besides, Fosjoas self-balancing electric scooter K3 makes innovation in its automatic steering-sensor system. Just like the cars, the rear iridescent light gives others notification about the moving direction of the scooter so that rider’s safety at night is guaranteed.

Further, Fosjoas two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter ensures intelligent operation by leaning back and forth with instantaneous reaction time of only 0.03s. Its electronic brake system also makes braking instant and accurate with stopping response time of 0.5s and stopping distance of 50cm. This braking system ensures that the body tilting anger is smaller than 10 degree. These improvements help the riders control the scooter in a precise and efficient way, thus greatly guarantee the rider’s safety especially in difficult road conditions.

In conclusion, Fosjoas newly-developed self-balancing electric scooter is an integration of cutting-edge technology and elaborate innovation in every details in order to fully achieve the values for customers.

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