An increasing number of young people love extreme sports nowadays and they believe it is the way to show personality and the spirit of adventure. Fosjoas has become the favorite of the young since it is the new way of extreme sport needing skills and courage. V8 can not only be used as travel tool but the vehicle of extreme sport and performance.

Extreme sport is an increasingly popular sport nowadays. The young is willing to show their personality and wonderful skills around. There are various kinds of extreme sport such as skiing, climbing or bungee jumping. The extreme sport with scooter is also nnanitlmes increasingly popular nowadays. How to find the electric scooter suitable for the sport is the key point. As the star products, Fosjoas is the choice of many extreme sporters.

Fosjoas V8 utilizes the inserted intelligent system which is equipped with intelligent balancing chip to prevent some gestures causing dangers. Besides, the self-balancing electric scooter can be controlled through the change of gesture and posture due to the aerospace system and spiral balance system. Extreme sporters who are flexible and powerful will control Fosjoas V8 easily.

Another advantage of Fosjoas V8 is the quick charging. It takes only 120 minutes for the electric scooter to be charged fully. It is dangerous for riders if the battery is low during the process of extreme sport. The quick charging can meet the requirement of full battery at any time, so riders do not need to worry about low battery any more.

LED screen is another feature of Fosjoas V8 which is clearer to see the battery as well as the electric quantity. The power switch is also on the LED screen which is convenient for riders to stop the scooter. During the process of extreme sport, riders will be easy to see the display on the screen. So they will know about the state of the intelligent scooter clearly to decide their acts and performance. Aluminum alloy pedal enables riders to stand on it steadily and comfortably. The pedal assists extreme sporters to do perform some different movement more easily.

Fosjoas V8, the new vehicle for extreme sport, can be the best way of relaxing and showing personalities in the modern society.

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