Most people have such experiences, when driving on the road, it is difficult for drivers to stop when they want to go shopping or just have a look. Besides, parking illegally may cost lots of money as fine. Fosjoas V5 can solve the problem of difficult parking. It can stop at any time and any places following drivers’ heart.

Parking in the traffic flow is a big problem since it is not legal to park on the road. As a result, automobiles cannot realize the function of travel tools since many drivers have to park the automobile in the parking lot far from the nnanitlmes destination, then walk to the destination. This worries many drivers, especially females since they need to carry lots of goods walking to the parking lot. Many drivers are considering changing another kind of travel tool which can both meet the demands of travel tool and stopping at any time. The appearance of Fosjoas provides a new way of travel tool, which is welcomed by female riders in particular.

Fosjoas electric scooter V5 ensures high speed, stable riding and comfortable experience of riding. Fosjoas V5 is equipped with imported lithium battery which is powerful and long service life. The magnetically levitation motor is super silent with strong power and low energy consumption. This will be more environmentally-friendly and the scooter can be more powerful for long distance traveling.

The Fosjoas V5 also adds the support frame, so the electric scooter can stop at any time. The support frame can be taken down and drivers can stop the scooter to go shopping or go sightseeing. Besides, the pedal has also upgraded with larger contact area. Riders can stand steadily without the potential danger of scratches since the edge of the pedal is of round sharp.

Fosjoas V5 also utilizes Cheng Shin tyre, one of the top ten tyre manufacturers in the world. The tyre is of wider contact area, so the self-balancing electric scooter can adapt to different terrains?such as rocky paths and rough road.

Fosjoas V5 is the most suitable travel tool for those who want to go shopping and go sightseeing. It can park at any time and at any places without the worrying of illegal parking or fines.

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