Germany - Each football fans should remember the classical Adidas Predator that has very long history during the development of Adidas soccer shoes. Today, the editor from famous Nike Tiempo Legend V FG Blackout online seller will introduce with people three generation of famous Predator shoe during the development of this series of Adidas shoe.

The first one is the Predator Mania which can be said to be a landmark in the history of the Adidas Predator series of shoes. It completely laid the designing style of this series of shoe and it also the first shoes that make use of separate outsole technology, therefore, the Predator shoe of this generation will be significantly more compact than before. On the other hand, the former friction strip only leaves on the inside of this shoe which was depended on the ball touching location of the foot. In the 2002 World Cup, there are about 150 players choose to wear this shoe to participate the match.

The second one is the 2004 released Predator Pulse which applies the PowerPulse technology for the first time. At the forefoot end point of this shoe, the designer added gravitational force fabric which could accelerates the ball shot speed, reducing the response time of the goalkeeper . This shoe first used Beckham¡¯s agency LOGO and its exclusive launch of four kinds of colors which are white and blue color, dragon silver gray color, silver red color and the most popular silver-red.

During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Adidas launched their best Predator cheap soccer shoes. This shoe no longer used the same weight distribution technology like former generation. On the contrary, it applied two insoles which are light soles and heavy sole that could help each player better make use of the power. The forefoot opening window design changed the entire pattern of this series of shoes. The most noteworthy is that this shoe began the personal customization service. Each people can create a global unique soccer boots.

In 2007, Adidas official launched another adidas battle pack f50 which name is Predator PowerSwerve. Compared with previous generations of shoe, this shoe could enhance the curveball capacity by 8% and increase the ball hitting force in every time by about 3%. The Innovative technology stereo quicksand modules designation let this shoe become more powerful than ever. During the action of shooting, the clamp sand in this shoe will gather at the vertex of this shoe so that the ball kicking will become more power and speed.

In addition to all Adidas Predator soccer shoe before, there are also many other generation of this series of shoe. If people have fully interesting about them, please visit website below.


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