A recent canvassing of 4.000 small and medium-sized companies in the United Kingdom has revealed the last quarter of 2013 to have been the best in four years as far as haulage contracts are concerned.

The document in question, dubbed the Business Factors Index, and put together by a specialist company, showed that, in the period in question, the haulage sector experienced its largest growth since 2010. On average, the sector has grown 13 points (out of the 100-point scale set up by the canvassing company) in relation to both the same period in 2012 and the third quarter of 2013. This represents the highest activity level since the fourth quarter of 2010, as well as one of the highest since the Index was first established, in 2007.

The figures relative to the field of haulage contracts, drawn up by the Business Factors Index and published this past February, are in line with data of a similar sort released by the Office for National Statistics the previous month, relating to the GDP. Overall, the haulage sector is one of many in the British economy to have experienced unparalleled growth, although the trend is positive all across the board.

Another of the sectors to have encouraging growth is manufacturing and textiles, a field which is intimately link to that of haulage contracts and, in fact, oftentimes helps fuel it with its high turnover and demand. Together with other sectors where numbers were equally as surprising, these areas are allowing British business specialists to anticipate a strong performance and perhaps even a sustained recovery in 2014, following up on four consecutive quarters of GDP growth.

The Business Factor Index is an accurate measure of the performance of roughly 4.000 Small and Medium Enterprises, which emphasizes the pivotal role of this type of company in the global economy recovery as well as in the future panorama of global economics.

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