The FOX news channel is among the biggest news networks in the world and there is no denying the fact that the channel enjoys widespread viewership. And, now with the FOX live stream toolbar app, viewers can get a hold of their daily dose of news while on the go. This is a great app to have on the computer, tablet as well as any mobile device. What is interesting about this app is that it provides the 360 degree viewing experience making it as good as watching the TV.

Most other news channel apps that one would expect to find in the market come with a subscription price. And, considering the fact that the toolbar is exclusive meant for FOX News watchers would mean paying extra. But, the good news is that the toolbar lets viewers watch FOX news for absolutely free. The live streaming is possible on just about any popular browser, Google, Chrome and so on. So, in order to take advantage of this app, the viewer does not have to go through any kind of additional hassle.

With the help of high speed internet, the FOX Live Stream toolbar can help the viewer get access to news on the go. So, it is a great companion to have while travelling, waiting in a queue, going about daily chores and so on. The program was launched on January 17th, and in less than a week there have been over 70 downloads.

This goes to show how popular the FOX news toolbar has been since its release in the market. The free app is not only a great way to stay on top of the latest happenings and current events; it is also a great way to make the smart features count. To know more and download the app, log onto

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