17, January 2015: Home decor trends and tastes go out fashion very quickly. By the time you have finished planning, buying items and decorating the room, it will probably have already gone out of fashion. This issue is amplified when it comes to children’s rooms and nurseries. Today it’s Frozen, tomorrow it’s the latest Marvel movie. A new trend in home furnishings is now revealed to attain a more personalised and flexible home décor. Framey Namey enables you to change the backgrounds behind their nursery letters to anything, such as a child’s photo, drawings, craft paper, fabrics or even left over wallpaper. This allows you to update the look of the framed name, year after year, as your child grows and you inevitably have to redecorate. That’s why this new trend is known as ‘Updatable Decor’.

Framey Namey is offering exclusive designs, premium packaging and free delivery for each order. The offerappeals to anyone who is looking for timeless nursery décor or personalised Christening gifts for someone special. This is a great gifting idea to create a home décor that is never out of fashion. The look and feel of a room can be changed at any time with the fabulous updatable elements that Framey Namey offers to a wall décor.

Yvonne Tsakiris, new mum, creator and owner of Framey Namey states, “We call it ‘Updatable Decor’. Too many furnishings and decorative items are discarded as a child grows up, filling up attics and garages. We want to provide parents with timeless items that can be updated and thus will be part of the child’s room not for just a couple of years, but for a lifetime.

Yvonne maintains Framey Namey is a kind of nursery accessories that simply appeal to the parents of the modern era. The individually crafted and innovatively designed letters are becoming increasingly popular and this is the reason why Yvonne’s unique concept is getting rave reviews on Amazon. People are appreciating the new concept and they are not only purchasing it for their own homes, but using it as personalised baby gifts as well.

To learn more about this unique, inexpensive and trend-setting home furnishing idea and to know about the story behind it, one may visit the website www.frameynamey.co.uk

About Framey Namey:

Conceptualised by new mum Yvonne Tsakiris looking for flexible but exclusive nursery decorations, Framey Namey sets a unique home furnishing trend where one can turn a child’s home décor into a masterpiece. The concept offers an updatable décor, where the background of each framed letter can be changed or updated as the child grows and develops new interests. Framey Namey is available at inexpensive prices with free shipping.

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Contact Person: Christos Tsakiris (Managing Director)
Telephone: 02921151893
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.frameynamey.co.uk