02, July 2015: The French government have revealed plans to spend “hundreds of millions” of euros on improvements to the tourist sector. A full list of plans is yet to be revealed by the foreign minister, but experts are speculating they will include investment into renowned French tourist activities such as wine tours and skiing in the Alps.

The plans have come as a surprise to some, considering France’s recent success being named the world’s most visited country, with 84 million tourists passing its borders in 2014 alone.

However, foreign minister Laurent Fabius has commented on the country’s reliance on tourism and the long-held stigma that its inhabitants are rude to holidaymakers who have ventured there. He has urged French people to be more polite to visitors and wants to address the welcoming procedures at French airports.

But experts believe that working on the French stigma of perceived impoliteness is only scratching the surface in terms of long-term investments. More plans are yet to be unveiled for improvements in the tourist sector, but experts have predicted that the French winter sports industry will be high up on the list of priorities. Skiing in the Alps is a renowned French holiday activity and sees the colder months of the year buzzing with lucrative tourist activity.

A spokesperson from renowned ski holiday company Ski Amis commented, “Activities such as snowboarding are continuing to grow in popularity and ‘trendiness’ at the moment and the French government should definitely be using that to their advantage. Skiing in the Alps is also part of the fast growing sector of family adventure holidays.”

Around 40 concrete proposals for the tourism project are due to be released by the end of June this year, and all are working towards the end goal of achieving 100 million visitors to France by the end of the decade.

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