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October 02, 2015 — Tax specialist and preparer Frank Ellis has published an article explaining 10 key facts regarding the Child Tax Credit. Available on, the article explains the IRS rewards families with up to a $1,000 tax credit per qualifying child. The credit is solely based on the taxpayer’s income.

This credit is available for families with children under 17, the article says. Facts are also presented related to the matters that identify one as a “Qualifying Child”. There are several so it’s important to note each item as it will determine if one’s child qualifies for this often misunderstood credit.

Facts also reveal at what age the child must be at the end of the tax year. Taxpayers can also see what type of relationships qualify them to claim the Child Tax Credit in the first place. One must have provided more than half of the child’s support for the tax year, in order to claim the credit.

In addition, children must be claimed as dependents, be U.S. citizens, and have lived with the taxpayer for more than half of the tax year. The IRS also looks at modified adjusted gross income. Marriage and filing status can also impact whether or not the credit is limited.

The author also reveals when one might qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit, He then sums up the piece by highlighting TurboTax, which provides the appropriate forms to use through simple questions. TurboTax discount codes are also mentioned with a link to access these.

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