09, January 2015: The Freddie And Sebbie backseat mirror was initially available on Amazon in mid November 2014, and after just 6 weeks has actually received a total of 227 consumer evaluations, consisting of 191 maximum 5 star ratings, offering the product a 4.8 star average score. Among the first Christmas gift responses one just says… “This mirror is a life saver. Child is well captivated when we’re out on a drive.” 

Backseat Mirror

The backseat mirror by Freddie and Sebbie is listed on Amazon as the best option for viewing a priceless baby while still able to focus on driving, stating the additionally large 360-degree adjustable infant car mirror turns and rotates to discover that perfect viewing angle to see a rear-facing baby. The product is also described as being extremely simple to install, shatter proof, and fitting most car headrests. 

Amazon verified consumer Binh Nguyen says in his recent testimonial… “This mirror has been a wonderful product due to the fact that our kid is still rear facing. It’s easily installed within minutes. Adjust to your personal settings and you’re good to go. We have attempted using other mirrors with our older child when she was rear facing, however the product failed as the mirror would not stay in the exact same position. This mirror we are utilizing now is the full reverse, and the mirror size is plenty big enough to have a complete view of our happy child.” 

TaurieAnn Aken-Moleta states… “Such an exceptional product to have. It genuinely puts my mind at ease, being able to see him and look at him. I would certainly suggest this to moms and dads and grandparents alike. I wouldn’t have the ability to drive alone in the car without the aid of this terrific mirror.” Mom Natalie just recently left this evaluation… “My baby finally showed up and I finally got to utilize my brand-new baby backseat mirror. It’s a well investigated design, and works well in my SUV. I would purchase this product again and will certainly be showing it to all my pregnant pals.” 

Anna Lee, another satisfied Amazon consumer left this 5 star examination… “I have constantly desired to buy a rear mirror for my nephew nevertheless the ones that I saw in shops were not really my style. I was hesitant in the beginning due to the reality that I was not precisely sure if I would like the item, so my expectations were very low. When I got the product and installed it in my car I was very shocked and delighted on how so user friendly it was. It is extremely simple to set up and I like how the mirror can be placed at any angle.” Raquel Arias felt inspired enough to say… “I enjoy how I can see my baby now! It’s easy to put on the head rest and my child likes to look at his own reflection. The quality is outstanding and the item comes inside a captivating bag that I now utilize to store baby’s things. I feel like I got 2 items in 1!” 

Lastly, Rachelle has this to state about the Freddie and Sebbie rear mirror… “I got this mirror a little over a month back as an early Christmas present, and I just love it. It is a fantastic size and lets me see more than I could with my previous mirror, assisting me to watch over my youngster and get my eyes back on the highway a lot quicker. It makes me feel much safer, which is something that sounds uncommon when talking about a mirror however it’s so absolutely true.” 

The full specifications for their deluxe back seat mirror can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Seat-Mirror-Concentrate-Rear-Facing/dp/B00NIU69SQ/ 

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