“I’m tired of trying to keep the car clean!” – “My kids constantly leave clutter lying around your car! – “I can never find anything!”

Backseat Organizer

Based on Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, a leading Las Vegas-based firm dedicated to marketing high quality, good value infant items, these are a few of the exclamations they frequently heard from mothers and fathers who have a challenge keeping things tidy and neat in their cars because of the kids.

“With the newly launched Freddie and Sebbie’s deluxe car storage organizer, parents now have the answers to their frustration,” quoted Neil.

“It is perfect for your kids’ accessories, iPad, tablets, toys, sippy cups, water bottle, etc.,” said Neil while stating that the item is now out in Amazon.com Designed to fit many autos through the adjustable straps bottom and top, which keeps the car-storage backseat organizer safely in place, the new Backseat Organizer makes a good car seat protector, back seat protector or kick mat.

“Made in black with blue piping, the Backseat-Organizer was designed to protect your investment, and besides; it comes with a lifetime guarantee,” said Neil. Based on the Freddie and Sebbie representative speaker, this will help make sure that your car is organized, protect and keep tidiness of your car seats with it being made out of the best quality components in the market.

This dad-and-mom-friendly product also feats easy installation, much easier maintenance, and a great backseat storage for stuffs like, gadgets, playthings, sippy cups, water and juice containers and more. “One of the things parents will love about this backseat organizer is that it comes with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee,” said Neil.

Know More About Freddie and Sebbie:

Freddie and Sebbie is a brand-new company about to launch promoting good quality, good value baby items. The founders are two brothers, in their 40′s. Both of them are married, having 6 youngsters between them, and the firm name “Freddie and Sebbie” is inspired by the youngest of them, the two baby twins.

Just like the market they are targeting, they are parents who have also spent finances in looking for the best possible quality and money-worth-it products whom afterwards chose to share these great ideas and items for greater good. Be assured that they are the very first parents to use their own products for their children.

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