29, July 2015: The Toy Hammock from Freddie and Sebbie has received more than a 100 positive client ratings as it continues to impress consumers with its design and quality. The current Amazon rating score for the Toy Hammock by Freddie and Sebbie is 4.8 stars, while the popular Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock has only been awarded a 4.3 star rating by their consumers.

toy hammock happy child by freddie and sebbie

According to Freddie and Sebbie representative, Neil Speight, they know how messy and untidy kids' rooms can be as the co-founders of the company both have young children of their own. He added: "We understand that there are times children do not pick up after themselves, and stuffed toys are left scattered everywhere. We wanted to find a way to make it enjoyable and interesting for both kids and parents to keep rooms nice-looking and mess free so we came up with our Jumbo Toy Hammock."

Some of the most recent ratings from confirmed customers on Amazon.com include one from Csalinas, who says: "Terrific item! The hammock looks terrific and we put about 15 to 18 medium and small toys in there. It holds them well and is really durable. The owners of Freddie and Sebbie are fantastic and checked on me to make sure I was pleased with the product. I will certainly be purchasing from them once more!"

"This hammock was incredibly simple to mount, came with the essential hardware, and holds a small mountain of stuffed animals that are easily noticeable and easily accessible. I just wish I had actually bought it earlier," says Damaris Benton, while Farah has actually stated: "I've had my toy hammock mounted up in my boy's nursery for a week now and it serves its purpose. As of now, I have about 10 pounds of stuffed animals in there and its holding up just fine. My son's nursery was very bare and this made it feel more lively. Highly recommended." Another father has additionally commented: "My boy has tons of stuffed animals and we believed this would be perfect. Well it is, and it looks very adorable in his room and the price is very good. Definitely recommend this."

Heather Stricker, another confirmed client, has actually stated: "My daughter's room used to be covered in stuffed animals. This hammock has made all of the difference. She takes pride in having them all in their bed together and they aren't all over the floor any longer!" Finally Taocat has added: "My 2 little angels have an outrageous amount of stuffed animals (I know, it's my own fault). I purchased four of these hammocks and they are life savers! Instead of these critters lying all over the house, they are now tucked into the corners of the room. And these hammocks are really big - I think I quickly put about 40-50 stuffed animals in each one... I kid you not."

Neil concluded the press meeting by stating: "The toy hammock is a hanging toy organizer that can quickly be integrated into any room design. Made from the best materials on the market, it won't easily rip and can hold numerous stuffed toys at a time." Like all other Freddie and Sebbie products, the Jumbo Toy Hammock is backed by a lifetime no-hassle complimentary replacement guarantee, with more product info readily available on their special US Amazon.com shop.

For further information about the new deluxe jumbo toy hammock storage organizer, available exclusively via Amzon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Toy-Hammock-Organizer-Eliminate-Perfectly/dp/B00KS4CHTA/

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