01 August, 2014: Freddie and Sebbie, a child-related product company running out or Las Vegas, Nevada, has launched a whole new outdoor blanked on the market that’s got everyone tongue wagging about it being “the only outdoor, picnic or beach blanket you’ll ever need!” 

Outdoor waterproof blanket

“If you are fed up with buying cheap and nasty blankets which you end up throwing away after 6 months or embarrassed taking your blanket to the beach because it looks old and tatty, you might want to consider this luxury Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie,” claims Neil, a co-owner and representative for the company. 

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Neil also added that this product will surely last a lifetime, so you would not need to fret about wasting lots of money on continually replacing your blanket. Based on Neil, this luxury, elegant and awarding-winning outdoor blanket is the ideal blanket for any event and would not look out of place on the back seat of a Bentley. 

It provides the whole family a really comfy, soft and dry place, which helps make life less difficult when taking out and about with the kids. The following are some of the comments happy consumers have made concerning this Outdoor Blanket, which comes with a top quality supple leather carrying strap beautiful hemstitching, and been made to guarantee you have many years of enjoyment: 

John Williamson who considers outdoor blankets ideal for summer use with picnics, family get togethers and such, states the Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie falls into a unique class, since it combines numerous superb features in one package. John, among our product lover notes, “At first glance, it is a Burberry-style blanket, and at 78 inches long by 55 inches wide when unfolded, it is truly spacious. 

It offers a water-resistant PEVA-backing, and since the facing is 100 per cent polyester, its machine washable,”, What made this particular outdoor blanket stood out above the others for John is the undeniable fact that has a leather-carrying handle with a pair of straps that enable it to be transported in a rolled up fashion. “Once unrolled for the day, it is easy to roll it back up again,” says John. 

Dr. Bojan Tunguz, who have used a variety of blankets and beach towels for our picnics or some other outdoorsy activities over time, states most of them get the job done, but none of them was truly designed particularly for outdoor use on a variety of terrains and situations, as the Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket. 

Dr. tunguz added, “We have been using the Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket for a couple of weeks, and we absolutely love it. We cannot imagine going back to the “regular” blankets any longer,” Overall, Dr. Tunguz says he is “really pleased and impressed with his blanket. It is everything that I would expect from an elegant outdoors blanket.” “simply an awesome blanket for taking along on a picnic or to a friend’s house for playtime.”, 

Dr. Fowler says. Dr. Fowler was absolutely surprise of the size capacity that the blanket has, as he unravel the product. Moreover, he said that, “It can most certainly accommodate the whole family, including the picnic basket, a diaper bag, and some toys. It is ultra-soft and comfortable with its patterned Polar fleece, a luxury experience for all ages,” In conclusion, Ruth adds, how she has been making use of this blanket from Freddie and Sebbie for more than four weeks now because of the very cold weather. 

“If you want to stand out from the crowd and be different, then this is the blanket for you.The soft leather handle and the two soft leather and stainless steel straps really stand out and give this outdoor blanket so much class. In fact, I can see the Hollywood stars walking around with this once they see it,” says Ruth, who loves the blanket and I would recommend in a heartbeat. 

About Freddie and Sebbie: 

This company the Freddie and Sebbie, is soon to promote the best of the best baby products that you can only buy from them.We’re two brothers in our 40′s, married (not to each other!) with six children between us, the youngest of which are two baby twins named “Freddie and Sebbie”. 

We personally have invested a small fortune on baby products and accessories, and in our search for top quality, monetary value goods we have seen some great products we can share, so we decided to start a business featuring them to other parents. 

We’re certain you are going to love the products, and we all personally make use of them with our own kids. If you want to discover more details and the ordering method just go to at Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Blanket-Chequered-Guaranteed-Guarantee/dp/B00CLAZLN8/ 

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