Traverse City, MI; 03, March 2015: Are you looking for a healthy cookbook for your diabetes or for a family member that is filled with delicious fish and poultry dinner recipes? Then you need to take a look at the newly released Dick’s Fish and Poultry Diabetes Cookbook — easy to make mouthwatering diabetic recipes that you will be proud to serve your family and friends, by Richard Terry. In line with the promotion of this new book, the publisher will be giving a free copy to all Amazon Kindle participants. It can be downloaded March 2, 2015 thru March 6, 2015. For a free copy of Dick’s Diabetes Fish & Poultry Cookbook, go to: for USA or for UK.

In Dick’s Fish & Poultry Diabetes Cookbook, home cooks will find fish, clam, shrimp, scallop and Each recipe includes Dick’s comments as to why he chose a particular diabetic recipe, helpful hints about the meal, and suggested sides that compliment each meal. The nutritional information for each recipe is also included several surprise recipes. The poultry selection includes a variety of tasty chicken and turkey recipes.

Cassandra, a registered nurse with a diabetic father commented, “Oh my goodness. You do not know good food until you have tried some of these recipes. My absolute favorites are the Baked Apple Filet of Salmon and the Teriyaki Shrimp Stir Fry. My father absolutely loves the Creole Chicken Drumsticks. He has already lost 6 lbs and I have lost 4! If you are diabetic or just looking for some delicious healthy recipes, then you MUST buy this book!!!! You WILL NOT regret it! It is absolutely amazing!”

A most interesting feature of this diabetes cookbook is that each recipe has a suggested wine to compliment the dinner. Richard loves wine and thinks it really completes a nice meal. He found a report from the American Diabetes Association stating that consumption of alcohol in moderation and under controlled circumstances is O.K. Finding this report was great day for Richard so he decided to include wine selections with each recipe. The report is included in the cookbook.

Richard is a diabetic and loves to cook fabulous meals. So when he found out he had diabetes it came as quite a shock. Not to be deterred he set out to find healthy diabetic dinner recipes that were not bland and would please the taste buds of his most discerning friends. The result was a collection of terrific recipes that he recently decided to turn into a series of affordable Kindle diabetes cookbooks. Dick’s Fish & Poultry Diabetes Cookbook is the first in a series of diabetic cookbooks that will be released this year.

“This free eBook promotion is our way of reaching out to more people and a way of saying thank you to our clients” says Wendy Terry of Lifestyle Publishing 4You.Com, the publisher of this book. After the free book offer, Dick’s Fish & Poultry Diabetes Cookbook will again retail at its regular price. For a free copy of Dick’s Fish & Poultry Diabetes Cookbook go to: for USA or for UK..

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