Listen FREE for a limited time to "Solomon's Story," Part Two of "BOFFO BUTTERPHANT — Small Creature Adventures" children's book.  Depending on response, author Pollens may provide other free audio presentations excerpted from his books.

Immediately redirect to the StoryTeller blog page presenting the audio book by pressing "Ctrl" and clicking on "".   Alternatively ... copy link into the browser URL address window.  It is a complete telling of  "Part Two, Solomon's Story."  Children age four and up especially will enjoy this telling.  Visitors to the website can also peruse all of the other books by author Allen Pollens or go onto Amazon Books to learn more about obtaining paperback and Kindle versions of all.

In Part One, Lindy stares out the window at the cocoon on the sill. Suddenly it opens and magical Boffo, with an elephant body and wings of a butterfly, emerges from it. Lindy is delighted when the Boffo offers to take her on a special outing. It takes a little adjustment to shrink her to the right size, but Boffo comes equipped with all that is necessary. They go to the Hexapod Parade, an extraordinary insect circus. The situation becomes a bit more exciting than expected when Hilda Hawk makes a surprise appearance.

Those who listened to this audio book will already know all about “Part Two — Solomon’s Story.” If missed, visitors to the site are advised to go back to hear it.  Pollens promises they will not be disappointed.

“BOFFO BUTTERPHANT — Small Creature Adventures,” has 9,000 words, 60 pages, and illustrations of Boffo, Lindy and Solomon.  It is available in both paperback ($6.99) and for Kindle ($3.99) at, search on “Allen Pollens”.

This is author Allen Pollens’ second children’s publication. Stories he wrote for his children and grandchildren are the basis for two other books as well:  “Starfish Chronicles,” and “Superhero.” Pollens has also published five science fiction volumes, “Alternative Lives,” “Conjuror,” “Creator,” “Creator II,” and “The Lost Pharaoh,”  He turned his daily European vacation journal into “Al’s London and Dublin Holiday,” published with 90 color photos. All are available at in paperback and for Kindle.  (Search “Allen Pollens.”)  Check out further information also at the blog website or contact Allen Pollens at (503) 407-2850 or via email at [email protected] for more.

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