Free Catholic Bible app ensures that users can go through different chapters, teachings and verses from the holy book whenever they want.

An increasing number of people are finding whatever they want on the handheld devices they use. Hence it shouldn’t be difficult to find chapters from the holy book if they want to look at them any time of the day or not. This app has been created to make this task convenient for users, who can go through the teachings from the holy book whenever they want.

Free Catholic Bible is a simple app that can be used by anyone without any expert knowledge of technology. Once the app is downloaded it brings out a clear cut and simple interface that users can get a hang of in a matter of minutes. Thus without wasting any time they can pull out any verse or chapter from the Bible to go through it.

It is a lightweight app that doesn’t require too much space on one’s system. It brings both, the old and new testaments at users’ fingertips. There are eight versions of the book that are available with the app, thus it is bound to have its attraction with a large number of users all over the world.

The app also has several features that make going through the Bible completely convenient. The search option can be used to good effect as users can directly get to the chapters or verses they are looking for. The font size of the book can be changed with a few clicks and there are options with the background for reading comfort too.

About Free Catholic Bible

The app allows users go through the teachings and verses of the Bible wherever they might be.

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