Free Chess is an app for anyone and everyone who loves the game, and wants to play it to boost their skills or simply challenge themselves.

There is something intellectual about the game of chess, which makes it hugely exciting for players. There is this constant battle of wits, irrespective of the opponent, which is fascinating. One doesn’t have to be a grandmaster to play the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Free Chess is meant for players at all different levels, which is one of the main aspects of this app. There are several levels on which the game can be played; hence those who want to learn it can get started right here. There are advanced levels for players who want to sharpen their skills or might be preparing for competitions for that matter.

The game in the case of this app is played against the computer and if users feel stuck at any point they have the Advisor option. Now who wouldn’t wish they would have such an option when they are actually playing the game. What’s more, there is scope for doing and undoing the moves, which is an added advantage to the players as well.

This is a free app, which can be easily downloaded onto one’s system. It is a simple interface that doesn’t take much getting used to and players without any technology background can start playing at the earliest. The good news is that the game can now be taken to any of the new age mobile devices too. Moreover there are several cool features that add to the attraction of the app.

About Free Chess

It is a free app that lets users of all levels play chess on their chosen devices.

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