Free Converting has launched its MOV to AVI Converter to ensure that users can convert these files on their own and without any professional help.

AVI files are being widely used all over the world today and it’s not difficult to understand why. They are compatible with different types of media players that people can find in the market today. That’s the reason it makes sense to convert MOV files into the more popular AVI format.

Unfortunately, for a long time users had no option but to seek help from professionals to carry out these conversions. But that has changed with MOV to AVI Converter brought out by the company. The converter is very simple to use, right from the download stage, which means practically anyone can make the most out of the freedom it offers them.

The converter is free, which ensures that users can try it out initially if they want. The download is fairly simple and happens in a matter of minutes. The converter is said to be lightweight, which is another advantage. It sits on users’ systems nicely and without taking too much space. The interface of the converter is another major highlight; it’s easy to follow and keep up with; even for those who haven’t used these converters in the past.

To carry out the actual conversions, all users have to do is press on the Convert button. The app does the rest and converts the files in a matter of minutes. Different features let users control the parameters of final output, which is said to be brilliant.

About MOV to AVI Converter

MOV to AVI Converter converts MOV files into the popularly used AVI format that’s compatible with several media players.

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