The emerging concept of mixtapes has become highly popular that even individuals who are not musicians end up becoming musicians. The unique power of this new mixtape concept has brought in new musicians in this music stream. Dago Gil is one such personality who has introduced significant changes in the Hip Hop Rap music stream with his innovative and fresh voice setting him apart from other musicians. Dago Gil was born in New York and was brought up in Miami. Dago’s music includes a pure fusion of street tunes along with diverse style beats. His compositions revolve around love, survival, sacrifice and heart break.

Dago Gil parents were of Central and South American origins. These worldly cultural influences had a great impact on all his major compositions as well as his interest towards Hip Hop and Rap music. All his major music works had the magical power to influence both Spanish and American markets. The first album composed by Dago Gil named “Almost Famous” was launched in the year 2005.

The Hip Hop Rap music artist has recently launched the mixtape album named “Free Dago World Music”. The new music album truly conveys the same meaning with that of the title. One of the significant features of the newly launched mixtape album is that some verses of this album are composed in Spanish language. As stated by the spokesperson, “Free Dago teaches us that no matter what liberties are stripped away, freedom is our inalienable right and being free is a state of mind”.

Dago Gil is engaged in sharing the vision of Free Dago. The mixtape launched by Dago Gil signifies the powerful musical influence of the artist. Unique instruments were included in the mixtape which gave a unique flow from one track to another along with strong control over beats. Dago Gils writing style is unique and appealing to the music lovers which signify that no one will ever get bored with this newly launched mixtape. The mixtape launched by Dago Gil can be downloaded from freely. The website displays mixtape videos by all popular artists, DJs from all mainstream music streams. The website features mixtape collections such as The Transition 2 by Yonas, Vampire Life 3 by Jim Jones, The Hype Life by Hansum, YFGod by Yound L and many other international hip hop and rap musicians.

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About Dago Gil

Dago Gil is a popular name in the Hip Pop Rap music streams. Dago Gil was born in New York. The artist is widely known for his unique and fresh music style. The street artist has recently launched a mixtape album named “Free Dago World Music” which has some cool dance tracks apart from numbers that capitalize his artistry.

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