The weather Gods may not provide much of a warning but, with the free Desktop Weather tool, one can manage to stay away from bad weather. This program has a ton of amazing benefits. The best is its ability to give the user instant updates.

The last thing a person wishes for is bad weather but, that is something that cannot be avoided. Staying aware can however; decrease the damage and, also help an individual make wise decisions. With the free Desktop Weather tool, the information is at the fingertips of the user, quite literally. This tool can be used as a screensaver to provide information on time that can be otherwise missed.

It can be used on any and every device that supports Windows operating system. The comprehensive six day forecast helps the user plan ahead in time. This feature is especially useful when there is a trip to make, an event to plan or for that matter any chore that requires outdoor activity. It is ideal for professionals on the go who want to stay informed about their travel options.

About Desktop Weather:

This is a great tool to have considering how important it is to keep up with the weather changes. A couple of clicks are what is required to stay in control and, the fact that the program is always available right when the user switches on his computer or mobile is very useful.

The comprehensive weather forecast information along with the instant update feature can help an individual avoid bad weather days and plan his schedule accordingly. The program is free and also, does not take up a lot of time to download. To know more and to start using the free Desktop Weather tool, log onto

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