There is not much one can do with the content that is stored in MS Word files in the .doc format. There are options for editing the content but, they are limited. The same options are expanded in the new .docx format files and that is one of the many reasons why users should try and shift their attention to the free Docx to Doc converter. This new program allows content to be transferred to the current, more prevalent format which will then help with other functions.

The biggest advantage of using the free Docx to Doc converter is that everything that existed in the older files will be preserved in the new files too. There is no need to worry about any formatting issues, not even the quality. There are only a few converters that can maintain content consistency all throughout and, this converter is one of them.

Plus, the fact that the Docx to Doc converter can be used by anyone without the need to go through any training is a great feature to have.

About the free Docx to Doc converter:

Users who want to upgrade their files will find this converter particularly useful. Using the interface, bulk conversions are possible and the user can also use the search option to locate the files on his system.

The converter is free but, does not have all the drawbacks of traditional freeware programs. It is clean for use, is rich in features and easy to use. It helps free content and opens up new possibilities. It is built to perform and give the user better access. To know more about the program and to download it for free, log onto

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