Portable Document Format (PDF) files are used for a wide variety of reasons but, most of all they are used in professional circles because of the way they look. Most office correspondence happens in PDF and therefore, for professionals who are stuck with Docx or Doc files having the free Docx to PDF converter is necessary. This program can help convert Doc and Docx files to PDF files in an instant.

PDF files are professional files which usually have sensitive information and having some way to protect the content is prudent. The free Docx to PDF converter helps fulfill this need to. The program has a special feature that lets the user add a password to the file and thus, the files can be accessed only by authorized persons.

With the converter, there are many editing features that the user can try. For instance, the user can add watermark or any other signature to further ensure the content stays unique and is protected. The free Docx to PDF converter is a highly functional tool and, is yet, easy to use and lightweight.

About the Docx to PDF converter:

This is a program that has been designed to offer the convenience of easy conversion. As most users search for ways to make their files look more professional and be ready for sharing, downloading the tool will be very helpful. As it is a free download, those who are skeptical about the program’s usefulness can download it and try it risk free.

The program is compatible with most Windows operating system devices. To know more about the program and get it now for free, please visit link http://download.cnet.com/Free-Docx-to-PDF-Converter/3000-20415_4-76170556.html

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