TXT files are widely used and can be found in current day devices. For those who want to see better use for their Word files, the free Docx to TXT converter can prove to be very helpful.

This program is mostly known for the simple use it promotes. With most converters, the ease of use can often be compromised in an effort to provide a better outcome. With this converter that is never an issue. Therefore, it is safe to say those users who are not quite familiar with this kind of conversion can also go ahead and attempt converting without having to go through any literature or training that can seem confusing.

The other thing that makes the free Docx to TXT converter an important tool is that, the process of conversion can be personalized. What this means is that the user can start and stop the process anytime he or she wants. They can very well multitask while on the job using this converter and not worry about losing the file.

The interface is well defined and very straightforward.

About the Docx to TXT converter:

This program is designed to promote simple Word to TXT conversions. The program is lightweight and is very amenable in terms of compatibility. The download is quick and hassle free and, unlike other freeware, this free installation does not invite with it a host of viruses. It is therefore, safe to be used on office systems as well.

The user can start using the free Docx to TXT converter as soon as the installation is done. It just takes a couple of steps to start enjoying the benefits. To learn more about this software, please log onto http://download.cnet.com/Free-DocX-to-TXT-Converter/3000-20415_4-76170568.html

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