USA — The free ePub to PDF converter is a freeware that panders to the millions of users of two of the most ubiquitous file formats in the world. While the ePub format conjures images of hundreds of favourite fiction and non-fiction books in a digital format, the PDF stands tall as the unwritten standard for electronic document sharing.

The software tool has many positives to its credit. For one, it runs on any and all versions of the Windows operating system without a glitch. It makes for an extremely fast download as it is an extremely small application, but is also highly functional. It is also free from malware and adware. This makes it one of the very few software available that is both free and safe. It is also free from pesky signups.

On downloading, the software interface automatically greets the user and asks to add the relevant file / files. The user then has the option of adding either a single file or multiple files. Once the files have been added, the user can also re-order the files based on the priority of conversion, since the software tool also supports batch conversion.

The conversion takes as little time as possible and the output is a glitch free, high resolution PDF file that can be viewed literally anywhere. The ePub to PDF converter does not require the user to download any Adobe software as well and functions individually.

While the interface is flat and uninteresting, it is highly functional and user-friendly.

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The free ePub to PDF converter is a free software tool that converts ePub files into PDF. It is free, safe and flexible.

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