05 July, 2014: The United States today is facing several environmental issues that have been imposing a threat to the wildlife in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The accumulation of non-recyclable waste, burning of fossil fuels, and continuous degradation of the ozone layer are all contributing to what we now know as global warming. There have been several approaches in making the world still a livable place yet only few hands are working to make a difference. There are still those that contribute much about degrading our natural resources and several environmentalists are doing their research to come up with the best approach in preserving our environment. 

In order to spread the word about the environmental concerns that the United States have been facing today, it is important that people become aware of it. Awareness comes from imparting the knowledge and sharing with them what they can actually do even on a small-scale basis. 

Three youngsters who happen to be recipients of the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant have been planning to make a strategic plan to address the US environmental issue. The three Young Explorers Grant winners, namely Jordan Fatke, Caleb Kruse, and Cameron Kruse aim to target younger people, especially the children to make them understand about what they can do for the environment. 

Altogether, they have decided to use their own ice cream truck to give away free ice cream and send the important message concerning the environment to the rest of the audience. They believe in the power of word of mouth and they will be on their positive thoughts to share the best of their knowledge with children. Along their free ice cream journey, they will be filming a documentary about the places and people that they will encounter along the way. 

They will be going through the largest cities and even in small towns all over the United States to give away free Magnolia Ice Cream in natural fruit puree flavors. Kids will surely enjoy the jingle of an approaching ice cream on wheels and the taste of ice cream in tropical fruits that come in avocado, coconut, guava, mango, and purple yam variants. 

The trio believes that during their journey, they will be able to learn more about places and that they could teach children that their place is worth conserving. The ice cream expedition will officially start on July 18, 2014 so you still have time to donate some amount for them. 

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