Miami, FL, 11, June 2016: Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity around the globe. Companies of all sizes have a cumulative marketing budget worth billions of dollars. Affiliate marketers have the chance to tap into some of this in order to earn a living from home.

Jayson Online Reviews provides $500 worth of free gifts on the site. This includes 22 free books that cover all of the components to making money online. Individuals can also watch a free video course that teaches people what they need to know in order to make money as an affiliate marketer. This adds up to over five hours of video footage.

The ‘My Affiliate Bootcamp’ on the website provides information that help people to understand niche marketing and how to be successful within affiliate marketing. This includes what to look for when choosing various affiliates to work with.

“I’m a professional blogger with over nine years of experience in affiliate marketing,” comments Jayson. He has already gone through the trial and error of what works and what doesn’t work. Throughout the free training that is offered, he shares what works so people don’t have to make the same mistakes that he has made.

The training is focused on beginners, intermediate level, and advanced marketers. Everyone has the potential to learn something from the free eBooks. Once the first sale is made, people can work to speed up their learning curve. Six and seven figure incomes are possible and there are testimonials featured on the website from people who are “living the dream.”

Online activity is taking place on laptops as well as on mobile devices. This is an important component to understand as it is going to have an impact on Learn affiliate marketing due to the approach that is needed. Further, the online marketing channels that are working the most include search, direct, and referrals. Display ads are no longer as effective and therefore affiliate marketers have to consider SEO, referrals, and using social media. This will help to reach a higher level of success, and the marketing books cover a wide array of topics and suggestions.

It begins by people completing an online form that asks for first name and email address. From there, an email will be sent with information on how to obtain the $500 worth of free gifts.

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