The Free Notepad is an easy to use application with a very user friendly interface. It functions similar to the Windows notepad in an efficient manner.

Anybody who needs to work on multiple documents, side by side or split the editing process can use the Notepad application with ease and comfort. It has various options to change the size, font, along with the basic functions of cut, copy and paste. It also allows users to insert current date and time. The work done can be monitored easily with various options available on status bar such as the current line and column, number of lines, length of the document etc. This application even allows users to undo the actions already performed, thus making it easy to make any changes when required.

The Free Notepad application is compatible with different versions of windows and occupies very little disk space. It can be installed very easily and anybody irrespective of their technological expertise can use the software as there are no complicated features that are difficult to understand.

The application comes with customizable features and also allows users to save the finished document in the .txt format.

About Free Notepad

Free Notepad is an easy to install application that has a very user friendly interface and allows users to edit documents conveniently with all the basic and customizable features. It is suitable for even the beginners even with little experience with computers. All the features are similar to Windows Notepad and can be used to edit multiple documents side by side. Keyboard shortcuts are also included in this application that enables faster development processes. All the basic features of cut, copy and paste and the options to change the font name and size also make it a useful and efficient tool.

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