Free PDF Solutions recently unveiled its ICON To PDF converter so that users can convert ICON files into the more popular PDF format.

ICON files are an image format meant for computer icons but there will be times when users need them converted into PDF format. That is often easier said than done, especially since not everyone has Adobe Reader installed on their system. But that won’t be a limitation anymore, if users have this free app downloaded on their computers and laptops.

ICON To PDF converter is a versatile app that runs very well on all systems that use Windows OS. Thus it is flexible for people’s use and they can get started with it without any prior experience in file conversions. All they have to do is follow simple steps to ensure that the app does the required conversions in double quick time.

The converter is packed with several features that are meant for users’ convenience. For starters, they can make the most out of batch conversions that can help them save time on a regular basis. But that’s not all; if there are several images they can be merged into a single one to make things simpler. On the other hand, if there is a large file that has several images then it can be cut into different PDF files with ease.

This software can also be used to convert GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG and many other formats without any difficulty. The quality of the final output is not compromised at all and the simplicity of the interface means amateurs can use it with ease too.

About ICON To PDF converter

This converter allows users to convert these files in image format into PDF versions quickly and without the need for Adobe Reader.

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