Disposing of their waste cooking oil is always a big task for restaurants, food courts, fast food joints, and those in similar lines of business. Some have no choice but to dispose of it improperly, thereby creating a major environmental hazard. Grand Natural Inc. offers an excellent solution to all those facing these kinds of problems. The company offers a variety of options to dispose of the used cooking oil. Grand Natural offers indoor and outdoor containers in different sizes, as well as specialized indoor systems that fit specific restaurants’ needs. Their sophisticated routing system ensures on-time collection and eliminates hazardous leakage and overflowing.

Grand Natural also offers grease trap cleaning services and disposes of the grease waste and solid accumulation. Their trained technicians ensure that the waste is pumped out completely, avoiding problems such as contaminated outbound lines, build up of grease, unpleasant odor and maintenance problems. They provide additional services such as jetting, hood cleaning and power washing in selected areas. The collected oil is then sent for oil recycling in order to be converted into biofuel; more popularly referred to as biodiesel. Grand Natural offers these services free of charge, and all it takes is a simple phone call to set up service. There is no better way to contribute to environmental sustainability than to recycle used cooking oil with the help of Grand Natural Inc.

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About Grand Natural Inc.

Grand Natural Inc., was founded in 2009, and provides FREE used cooking oil collection services to restaurants and food producers throughout the United States. That waste product is then carefully refined and converted into biodiesel, which aids in contribution towards environmental sustainability.

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