Digital images are all over the web. The easy access to these images makes them vulnerable. Professional photographers and image companies often find their images being replicated somewhere. This is the kind of breach of ownership that the free Watermark Maker app will help address.

Watermark, in other words is a digital signature that lets the owner of the photograph or digital image claim his ownership. However, without the proper tools such right can be diminished.

With the free Watermark Maker app now image owners don’t have to worry about their images being wrongly used. They can use this simple yet powerful app to create a digital signature. They don’t have to invest in expensive technology or hire a professional to do this job. They can simply download the program for free and use it to protect their images.

The program has an easy to use interface that anyone can use. The same app can be used to watermark personal images as well. That said the app is very high on features one of which is the ability to watermark images in batches. Also, before saving any image, the user can see the preview and change the settings if required.

About the Watermark Maker App:

This is a highly functional app that can be used on a variety of Windows Operating System devices. It is light, compatible and an app that fulfills a very important task. The fact that this app is free for download is great news as typically, apps with professional uses are hardly ever tagged ‘free’. To know more about the app and how you can use it to your advantage, log onto

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