, A peer-to-peer marketplace, promoting Independent fashion designers, giving them critically needed business support.

The rapidly growing online fashion market is mostly focused on traditional brands and channels and completely ignores a market failure involving fashion designers. Current market structure makes it almost impossible for independent young designers to thrive or even survive, not to mention enable them to show more than the tip of the iceberg of what they can do. Freshionup can change that and the world of fashion, as you know it.

Young fashion designers are the most innovative, non-conservative, daring and free spirited in the designing community. However, when it comes to fashion designing, being independent means doing all by yourself: Create, produce, ship, plan, market, sell, build pricing, and find customers... It is like a one-man Industry. One can be great at fashion designing and still overload and fail. Freshionup can unload some of the burden concerning the "business" side from the fashion designer while creating a supportive global hub of and for young fashion designers.

Most designers do not choose that line of work to become rich. Like artists & singers, they crave for recognition. They are driven by Inner passion to create and a strong urge to transform from anonymous to well Known & Recognized. Therefore, even though designers can easily set online boutiques and shops on freshionup and start selling, we need to give them more. Freshionup creates a Supportive Business Envelope that enables fashion designers to focus on what they do best - Design fashion. By doing that, a real change can be made in the way fashion world works.

Fashion plays an important role in most human's life, globally, almost from the womb to the tomb, and so freshionup's work is of great interest to many people making the business prospects of Freshionup extremely promising.

Freshionup is a vertical channel. It generates substantial real values for fashion designers and fashion fans, as well as it fulfils strong existing needs. The target audiences on both sides of this marketplace are relatively easy to find. Online fashion groups, bloggers & fashion communities are multiplied by the hour making the acquisition process easier. Being a Green house filled with Fashion Sprouts makes Freshionup attractive also to fashion curators, retail buyers, break and mortar boutiques and more making the potential Business Eco system of Freshionup, huge.

Business model is based on transaction's commission. Joining is free so fashion designers have no entry barriers. They also receive free business support to build the business part of their activity. It is also a jumpstart for fashion school's graduates, and a refreshing Addition to consumers. Designers and fans can directly correspond with each other, receiving immediate feedback also making it possible to customize the products to certain needs and desires with relatively low efforts or costs.

Ohh, one more important thing. In this case Competition is more complementary than threatening. Designers can keep their own web sites, hold a day job, even have shops on other e-com sites and still be members of this global young designer's community and enjoy its benefits. Consumers on the other hand can enjoy a world of fresh refreshing innovative fashion instead, or on top off other places, they buy at. Join us in this new blue ocean, as the sky is not the limit and there is room for everyone….

Founder and CEO - Gil Admoni Previously CEO of Delta Israel, CEO of Hed-Arzi group, VP Marketing of Yes satellite TV, Holds MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
[email protected]