Singapore, January 13, 2014 There are numerous people who remain concerned about their home’s safety and the well-being of their little ones and pets at home. For all such loving and caring people, Singapore based home care solution provider DEWAV is now bringing a smart solution called Frigga. They call it the ‘third eye’ that one can use to monitor the real time activities at home, no matter whether someone is travelling or working in his/her office. This smart solution will make sure that one is never away from his/her home and can watch their little innocent children or pets at home. 

The company spokesperson reveals that one can use their iPhone, iPad, Android devices and other handheld gadgets to access the system and remain connected with their homes on round the clock basis. Not only one can track all the movements at home from a remote location but can also listen to their children and can also talk with them. Thus, an innocent child who is unable to handle a cell phone can talk to their parents using this smart solution. There are several amazing features that make it an intelligent family care solution of the modern era. 

The DEWAV team has developed this Family Care Expert which can offer a complete peace of mind to anyone who is concerned about one’s home’s safety and security. For today’s busy men and women, this is a great tool to remain connected with the home. One can watch children growing up while away from home and can remain assured about their safety and well being. Not only one can use the tool for a 24-hour surveillance, but one can also grab some memorable moments of their little ones using the device. The tool allows to use Sony Megapixel Camera to capture high quality images and it can be fun to grab images of children at home from a distant location. 

Since its very launch, Frigga Singapore has been creating a wider curiosity among people of all classes. The product is certainly going to redefine the ways of family and home care and is pretty desirable for the modern generation. For more details about the product, one may visit the website . 

About DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd: 

DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2008. The company focuses on research and development of family care products. They have now launched their futuristic family care product called, Frigga. 

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