Mother has Early Labour Scare and then goes to generate six figures in sales whilst on her maternity leave.

26/10/2016 - Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Noor Hibbert, a business success coach for mumpreneurs left her job at 31 weeks pregnant after an early labour scare and attempted to start her first online business. She created multiple physical products brands and sold them online and generated six figures in sales whilst on her maternity leave. She has been invited to Hollywood to the Academy Awards celebrity gifting suite to meet and greet celebrities and showcase her brand of beard products next February. Her products have also been featured in GQ.

Noor Hibbert was unemployed and heavily pregnant only 20 months ago and after investing her dreams she is now a qualified business coach and proud entrepreneur. The founder of This Is Your Dream, Noor Hibbert says “I was sick of thinking I couldn’t be a mother and a successful business woman. Never in a million years would I have thought my products would have generated such amazing sales so quickly or that I would end up in Hollywood or GQ magazine! I now am so ecstatic to work with female entrepreneurs who want to start up their own businesses around being a mother. I truly believe that the next decade will make way for more and more female entrepreneurs who successfully manage motherhood and business.”

Noor Hibbert also strongly believes in philanthropy and supports a charity called Women For Women and has sponsored 5 woman with a goal of sponsoring 100 in the next 18 months. Noor Hibbert explains “ I believe it is our duty to give back and play our part in creating change in the world. I donate a percentage of each coaching package I sell toward sponsoring a woman in a war torn country. So for every woman that invests in herself, she is also investing in another woman and thus there is a ripple effect of change’
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Noor Hibbert is a certified business coach and entrepreneur. She launched in August 2016 and her mission is to help women create a business and life they love around being a mother.
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Name: Noor Hibbert
Organization: This Is Your Dream
Phone Number: 07949294867
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